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Don't let pest infestations ruin your business reputation

Remove any trace of pests from your commercial property


Pest control through fumigation


Effective commercial pest control services by the specialists in Oswestry


If cockroaches and beetles are disrupting your business, it is time to call Express Pest Control on 07916 322 280

Commercial properties require an extremely high standard of hygienic treatment that homes and residential spaces do not. Therefore it is imperative that if you notice any signs of a pest you contact us right away. If you are in the food or medical industry this can severely impact your business. Whatever business you are in, a pest infested premises is detrimental for the reputation of your business.

•  Rat, mice and rodent removal

•  Flying insects control

•  Vermin control and DIY supplies

•  Bird traps and removal

•  Woodworm control for office furniture and woodwork

•  Contract based commercial pest control treatment

•  Effective fumigation at regular intervals

•  Hygiene maintenance for your property

Fumigation is one of the most effective methods to rid your property, domestic or commercial, from pests and vermin. Certain pests have a tendency to come back and it can be a difficult task to remove them completely. This is especially true for big spaces like a business area. So choose Oswestry's reliable and experienced team at Express Pest Control to provide you with effective fumigation services and other efficient pest removal solutions!