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Complete mice & rodent control

Are mice and rodents causing damage to your property?


Suggestions to prevent mice from entering your property


Effective rodent removal treatments


If you are troubled by mice and rodents in your home, call the experts at Express Pest Control in Oswestry on 07916 322 280

Mice and rodents can find their way to your home in search of food and shelter. It can be quite disturbing to see these furry disease-transmitting creatures running around your household. With their constant gnawing they may ruin your furniture, drainage pipes and more. Instead of panicking, call your local pest control experts in Oswestry to help you remove the rodents and mice from your property.

•  Quick response time to book a convenient time slot

•  Thorough inspection to assess the depth of the mice infestation

•  Effective treatment plans for mice and rodent control

•  Execution of the appropriate treatment by pest control experts

•  Follow-up treatment at regular intervals to ensure that every rodent has been removed

•  Find any gaps within your walls or at higher locations and seal them

•  Cement any hollow gaps on your rooftop

•  Bristle fitting at the bottom of your door

•  Use steel wire wool to seal holes around the pipelines

•  Use galvanised wire mesh to close vents and air bricks

•  Trim down overgrown branches and vegetation close to your door, roof or other openings

•  Make a gap between your garden and foundations