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Keep your home safe from rats

Rats pose health hazards for you and your family


Rat control services for the safety of your domestic and commercial property


Take action before suffering any serious damage


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Rats are carriers of several diseases and can be dangerous for the health of your family. Rats also tend to breed very fast and if not controlled they may become a huge problem to handle in your household or your business premises. Rats can transmit diseases, gnaw clothes, furnishings and furniture, and contaminate food and water.

•  Industry-leading treatments to get rid of rats

•  Rodenticides suitable for specific areas of your property

•  Scheduled control treatment to completely remove all rats from the property

•  Minimum disruption within your premises

•  Highly experienced pest control specialists

If you have come across rats on your property, there are more around. So without delay give the pest control specialists at Express Pest Control a call in Oswestry for quick and efficient rat trapping and removal services. Free your home from any rat infestation swiftly and effectively.