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Remove a wasp nest from your home

An increase in wasps flying in and out of your house means there is a nest nearby


Commercial wasp removal service for your business premises


Wasp nest treatment from Express Pest Control in Oswestry 


If you need immediate wasp removal or nest treatments,

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Wasps merely flying in and around your home pose no threat to you. But a wasp sting can prove to be dangerous if any member in your household is allergic to the sting poison. Such cases are quite rare but it is better to be safe. The best way to get rid of wasps is to remove the nest that the wasps have built in your home. Nest removal can be very dangerous with hundreds of wasps inside the nest. To avoid painful stings, get help from the professionals at Express Pest Control.

•  Wasp control for your home and business

•  Certified pest control experts

•  Up to date equipment and protective gear

•  Location based treatments for hassle-free nest removal

•  Complete removal of the wasp colony

•  Regular inspections to ensure that there are no wasps left

•  Wasp pots or wasp traps are practical and discreet traps to lure wasps away from the building

•  Luminous units for restaurants, large dining halls or cafeterias to reduce the risk of contamination

•  Screens for your property’s windows and doors to prevent wasps from entering

•  A qualified team for effective wasp nest removal services